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3 Card Brag

3 Card Brag

If you're a fan of card games, then you're sure to be a fan of 3 Card Brag! 3 Card Brag is easy and fast to play. If you're already a fan, try out the Pair Bonus for an added twist on the classic table game.

3 Card Brag

Game Information



There are a selection of different sized chips on the left of the screen. You can use the arrows to select your preferred denomination or you can click on the individual chip.

Ante and Pairs Up

Place your chips on the Ante section, Pair Bonus section or both to place your bets. The pays for each selection are displayed on the table.


When your chips are placed, press Deal to recieve your 3 cards.

Double Bet

The Double Bet button will double the value of all chips on the table.


Press undo to remove the last chip that was placed on the table.

Clear All Bets

Press Clear All Bets to remove all chips from the table.


The Play/Fold buttons will appear in play, giving you the choice of how you want to play.

Repeat & Deal/Repeat Bet

These 2 options will appear once a round has concluded. Press Repeat Bet to place your bet but not deal automatically.

How To Play

When your 3 cards have been dealt, you will be shown the value of your card. For example, your value may be 'King high'. This means that the card with the highest value in your hand is a King. Card values run in a traditional order, with A being the highest and 2 beng the lowest. In terms of hand value, having a 'Prial' is the highest rank of hand. This then goes to 'running flush', to 'run' and then to 'x high'. If you have placed an Ante bet, you now have the choice to either fold or play. If you choose to fold, the dealers hand will be revealed and you will automatically lose, regardless of outcome. If you choose to play, a matching bet to your ante bet will be placed in the Play section. The dealers hand will then be revealed and all winnings will be paid.

If you choose to play with the Pairs Up feature, you will be given another chance to win. The Pairs Up feature does not compare your cards to the dealer, so even if you do not have the better hand, you can still win. The available options are displayed on the table and are similar to the methods to win in poker.

Additional Game Rules

In order for the dealer to play, the must have at least one Queen in their hand. If the dealer does not qualify, then your Play bet is pushed and you automatically win your ante bet.

If you tie with the dealer, all bets will be pushed.

If you have a Running Flush, Prial or a Run, you will win an Ante Bonus. The Ante Bonus is only paid out if you choose to play, not fold.

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