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Austin Powers

Austin Powers


Play Austin Powers the 5 reel 25 payline Online slot game. Featuring 6 groovy Bonus Rounds Dr. Evil Nudges and Laser Shark Wild Reels where sharks shoot up the reels to offer you another chance to win. 

Austin Powers

Game Information

Getting Started

Press the '+' and '-' TOTAL STAKE buttons to select your bet. All win lines must be played. Click on the 'i' button to view the paytable, which shows the potential winnings for each reel combination and bonus information.

How To Play

Press SPIN to spin the reels and start the game. If a combination of symbols on the reels forms a line of 2, 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols starting from left to right then a win is awarded. If 3 or more Bonus symbols on reels 1 to 5 appear on the reels then the Bonus Selector is launched where you will be awarded one of 6 groovy bonus rounds. 

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except the bonus symbols.

Laser Shark Wild Reels

This feature triggers randomly after each spin revealing a pool of Laser Sharks. Sharks will then shoot between the 1 to 5 reels turning the reel it lands on Wild giving you another chance to win.

Mojo Wilds

Reels continue to spin and a vial of Mojo falls from the top of the screen and smashes. A number of Mojo symbols float up on screen moving randomly about then settle on different reel positions. The reels then come to a stop and wins are added up. 

Dr. Evil Big Win Nudges

Occasionally when the server response dictates a big win then instead of a big win it shows a random result with little or no win. Dr Evil can be heard to say "Throw me a frickin’ bone here" ­ and cuts to a video/image over the reels. The reels will then start a big number of nudges, these could be up or down on different reels. Once they are all in place then the Big Win celebration occurs.

Scatter Symbols 

Bonus rounds are triggered by scatters on reels 1 - 5. Bonus symbols can appear on any reel:

3 scatter symbols award bonus
4 scatter symbols awards bonus and a multiplier
5 scatter symbols awards bonus and a large multiplier

The Cryo Lab

This is a simple cash prize bonus using an amusing clip from the film. When activated the “Cryogenic Evacuation” screen comes up. The player presses start and they see the clip and hear the sound. The anticipation is that the count up and the sounds keep stopping and starting to add both humour and the sense of not knowing when it will stop.

Fembot Free Spins

The Fembot free spins will be 5 free spins with random wild reels. Before each spin the Fembot wilds come in with an appropriate teasing phrase.

Mini Me Free Spins - Sticky Wilds

10 free spins given. Any time a Mini Me Wild symbol appears it is “sticky” and stays in position for the remainder of the free spins. The reels spin backwards in this game with the Mini Me symbol coming up from the bottom of the screen.

Fat B*****d Free Spins - Colossal Reels

The player gets 8 free spins with super­size Fat B*****d Wild symbols on the reels which may come in. The super­size symbol can be 2 x 2 or 3 x 3. Note the super symbol may only be part in view and only affects those win lines. It also may be possible to have more than one super symbol appear on the reels at once.

Submarine Lair Trail

There will be a cash trail set in the Submarine Lair. Players will choose from 4 golden boxes ­ inside there are either a number of spaces to move, a possible Golden Key or Collect.

If the player gets a number of moves they see the corresponding cash values on the trail light up in turn until it gets to the correct value and they pick again.

If the player has a Golden Key in their box it activates the tractor beam at the top and this pulls along the Golden Meteorite. This will happen a maximum of once or twice in this bonus round so that when it does happen it can move through a few of the multipliers at a time leading to the anticipation that it might keep going to the jackpot.

The multiplier is only applied once the meteor stops on a number. If the progressive is to be won the tractor beam will pull the meteor along ­ it will keep pulling until it reaches the end at which point there will be a big celebration of win.

Volcano Lair Bonus - Pick Me

Player will get between 3­5 picks. The player clicks on Austin or Felicity and you see the scene and an object appear with a cash amount. The objects could behave slightly differently and the user keeps picking until they select the explosives ­ the closing scene is then played and the user collects their winnings.


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Bonus Rounds

The Cryo Lab

Fembot Free Spins

Mini Me Free Spins

Fat B*****d Free Spins

Submarine Lair Trail

Volcano Lair Bonus

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