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Cupid: Wild At Heart

Cupid: Wild At Heart

Fall head over heels in love with the Cupid: Wild At Heart Online Slot! Look out for the lovable Cupid as he flies around the reels triggering random bonuses.

Cupid: Wild At Heart

Game Information

Base Game

Cupid: Wild at Heart is played on a 5 reel slot and uses 20 paylines. See which Bonus symbol lands on the final reel to determine your Bonus Round!



Press the Pays button to view the games paytable and all information about the game.

Total Bet

The arrow on the Total Bet window will allow you to change the amount that you are staking on the next spin.

Total Win

Each time you win in Cupid: Wild At Heart, the amount you have won will be shown in the Total Win window.


Press Spin to start the next round and place your bet.


Pressing the Auto Button will allow you to choose a selected number of rounds for the game to automatically play for.

Wild Symbols

The Wild Symbol can appear anywhere on the reels and will work to complete any winning lines.

Cupids Golden Heart

Cupid can appear at the bottom of the screen during any spin, winking before shooting an arrow across the reels. The arrow will reveal 3 Golden Hearts, choose 1 to reveal which Bonus you will have.

Cupid Wilds

If the Cupid Wilds symbol is revealed the a number of Wilds will be shot onto the reels as they are spinning. The Wilds can be 1 of 3 different kinds: Normal Cupid Wilds, Wilds + Respins or 2x Multiplier Wilds.

Love Streak

Pick the Love Streak and 3 Mystery Symbols will be placed on the reels. The reels will then spin and all Mystery Symbols will be held in place. If any more Mystery Symbols land on the reels, they will be held and the reels will spin again. When no new Mystery Symbols are found, then the symbols will all reveal a matching symbol and any wins will be awarded.

Colossal Spins

Choosing Colossal Spins will place a massive 3x3 symbol onto the reels in one of 3 places. When the symbol lands on the reels, any wins will be awarded and the normal game will resume.

5 of a Kind

Revealing 5 of a Kind will guarantee you a 5 of a Kind win on any spin.


Behind one of the Golden Hearts, there is a chance to trigger one of the games 3 Bonus Rounds.

Cupids Cashpot

Picking the Cupid Cashpot symbol will award you the entire of Cupids Cashpot.

Bonus Rounds

You'll get the chance to activate when a Bonus symbol lands on reels 1, 3 or 5. The Bonus Round you play will be decided by the Bonus Symbol that lands on the final reel, with 3 different options available to play.

Mystery Cash Bonus

Cupid will fly around the reels, landing next to a chest full of cash. Choose a heart to reveal either 'Fire' or 'Collect'. Revealing Fire will make Cupid shoot an arrow at the Chest, giving you a cash prize. Choosing 'Collect' will end the Bonus Round and award all winnings.

Cupids Trail Bonus

The Cupids Trail Bonus is played on a new screen and in 2 seperate stages - a Multiplier Trail and a Big Money Bonus. During the Multiplier Trail, you will have to choose hearts to move Cupid up Mount Olympus. Reveal a Collect and the Bonus will be over. Choose Love Dash, and Cupid will shoot up the trail for a larger distance than normal. Reaching the Big Money Bonus Round will show you Cupid picking hearts from the sky, each revealing a total Big Money Multiplier.

Cupid Free Spins

The Cupid Free Spins will also be played on a different screen, this time set during the night. Cupid will shoot an arrow which will reveal 3 different hearts. Behind each heart is a different Wild that will be featured during your Free Spins. These Wilds include - Mutliplying Wilds, Sticky Wilds and Expanding Wilds. Choose which Wild you will play with and start your 10 Free Spins.

Cupid Cashpot

The Cupid Cashpot counter is shown at the top left of the reels. Beside the counter is a red heart that will fill up if the Cashpot is not won. When Cupid gives you the choice of 3 Golden Hearts, there is a chance that you can win the Cashpot when choosing your heart. The Cashpot can be won at any point, however there is a higher chance of winning if the heart is more full. When the pot is won, it will reset and start to fill up again.

Game Stats



Min. Bet


Max. Bet




Plus Cupid Rapid Fire Cashpot

Bonus Round

Cupids Golden Hearts

Mystery Cash Bonus

Cupids Trail

Cupid Free Spins

Cupid Cashpot

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