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Hot Slot

Hot Slot


Raise the temperature in Hot Slot the 5 reel, 10 payline game that features 5 playable slot, one of which is selected at random to be the Hot Slot and will average over 100% return! Also featuring Big Bet capability to make your chance to win big even hotter!

Hot Slot

Game Information

Base Game

WILD is substituted for all symbols. Only highest winner paid per winning combination. All line pays are already multiplied by the STAKE PER LINE. Wins pay for 3 or more adjacent symbols of the same type on one line. Wins only paid from the current slot in play.


Wins on multiple paylines are added together. The total bet is the number of lines multiplied by the cash bet on each line.

The Hot Slot

The game operates five slot machines which all run in parallel. One of the five slots is selected to be the “HOT SLOT” randomly by the game. The aim of the game is to try and select and play the one you think will be the “HOT SLOT”. The “HOT SLOT” chosen by the game will average over 100% return.

Slot Ranking

The relative ranking is shown between each game. #1 ranking does not indicate the “HOT SLOT”. The relative ranking is based on accumulated wins over a single countdown period. 

Selecting a Slot

Choose from one of five slots to play on. The slot can be changed by selecting the chosen reel set above the main reels or by selecting the “REVEAL HOT SLOT” button at the end of a game. Changing stake will reset the “HOT SLOT”. Selecting the “REVEAL HOT SLOT” button will also reset the “HOT SLOT”. The “HOT SLOT” will remain hot until the countdown is at zero or the “REVEAL HOT SLOT” button is selected.

Big Bet Game Description

At the start of the 10.00 Big Bet Game, choose from one of three slots. At the start of the 15.00 Big Bet Game, choose from one of two slots. A Big Bet game consists of 5 linked spins of the reels. All wins are accumulative and paid at the end of the last spin. Each spin uses all 10 win lines and wins are paid according to the awards table. Changing the Big Bet Stake will reset the hot slot.


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Big Bet

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