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Jackpots of Goo Instant

Jackpots of Goo Instant

If you like the Jackpot of Goo slot game then your sure to love the Jackpots of Goo instant win scratchcard! Play the only online scratchcard with Wild symbols and bonus rounds, with a max prize of 1000x your bet available to win.

Jackpots of Goo Instant

Game Information

Base Game

The Jackpots of Goo online scratchcard is played using a grid of 20 symbols, with a certain number of picks in each round.

How To Play

Pressing the Start button will place your stake and being the next game round. Firstly the Pick Wheel will spin, landing on a number between 5-10. This will be the number of picks you get to reveal symbols on the grid. Either by clicking manually or pressing Auto Reveal, you will reveal selected symbols. Match 3 symbols to win the amount displayed on the left of the screen.



The Balance window shows you a live counter of the amount you have remaining in your account.

Pick Win Multiplier

The Pick Win Multiplier can be revealed randomly in a Vat of Goo, and will be applied to any wins in that round.

Total Win

If you match 3 symbols, the total amount you have won will be shown in the Total Win window.

Total Bet

Press the Total Bet window to choose how much you will stake on the next round.

Start/Auto Reveal

Press Start to place your bet and begin the next round. Pressing Auto Reveal during a round will automatically use your picks and reveal the symbols.

Picker Wheel

The Picker Wheel will be the first part of the scratchcard that takes place. The wheel will spin and reveal the number of symbol picks that you have for the next round. Between 5-10 picks can be won.

Scratch Card

A grid of 20 jars will fall onto the reels for you to choose from. Match 3 coloured jars from your picks to win the prize shown on the left. A Wild Goo Jar can be revealed, that could subsitute for any colour to complete a win.

Vat of Goo

The Vat of Goo could appear during any scratchcard. The Vat of Goo is a 2x2 symbol that you will have to touch before making the rest of your picks. Smashing the Vat will reveal one of its available bonuses.

Win Multiplier

A random multiplier between 2x - 10x will be revealed and applied to any wins from that round.

A Spot Prize

A cash prize will be randomly awarded before you use the rest of your picks.

A number of extra picks

A random number of picks will be revealed and added to number of Picks you already have.

Goo Meter Bonus

Each time a Vat of Goo is smashed, the Goo Meter bonus will fill up. Smash 8 Vats to completely fill the Goo Meter. This will reveal a random bonus of up to 10000x your initial bet.

Game Stats

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Max. Bet




Bonus Round

Vat of Goo

Goo Meter

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