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NetEnt Live Blackjack

NetEnt Live Blackjack

Experience Live Blackjack in a new way. Defined by its seamless gameplay and cutting edge streming technology, you will never miss a single play. Its dealers are highly trained to bring you a traditional blackjack variation that is familiar to players of all levels.

NetEnt Live Blackjack

Game Information

How To Play

Your aim is to reach 21 or a value that is as close to 21 as possible by using 2 cards or more and still beating the dealer. If the dealer receives more than 21 all hands on the table will be winners.

Taking Seats and Taking Turns

The design for Live Blackjack intends to emmulate that of a real life casino blackjack table. Bearing that in mind there is a seating capacity of 7 people. Simply click any free seat to join the game and whilst you wait your turn you can view the actions and betting of the players next to them.

Game Round

Here your interaction with the dealer begins and youcan follow these simple steps to complete your first game round:

The dealer will invite you choose your first bet amount before the timer runs out. A betting box will appear on the screen at the same time where you can choose from a range of chips. Instead of a stack of chips you will see one single chip that displays the amount you have chosen to bet with. When all betting has closed, the dealer will then begin to deal cards to themselves and then the players around the table.

Now it's your turn, you'll wait for each player to make their decision around the table until it gets to you with the dealer starting from right to left. Once all cards have been dealt on the table, the dealer reveals their second card. After the dealer then completes their hand, all winning bets are paid.

Faster Gameplay

As well as high quality graphics, Live Blackjack also offers fast gamelpay to increase the amount of game rounds and the ability for more players to get a seat at the table.

Decide Out of Turn

Even when it's not your turn you can make a decision regarding your first 2 cards. this allows the dealers to instantly cut over players that wish to stand.

Action Timer

You will be given a certain amount of time to decide whether you wish to hit or stand, if you do not choose within the alloted time the hand will automatically stand.

Seat Reclaim

If a player does not bet for 3 game rounds in a row the seat will be reclaimed and shown as available for another player to enter the game.

House Rules

Live Blackjack is played with 6 decks and is shuffled using an automatic shuffling machine giving you confidence in the shuffling of the cards. When a game round begins the dealer must stand on 17, this includes soft 17 and they must draw to 16. Players can double on any 2 cards including cards that have already been split. However, there are no resplits, no surrendering and it is not possible to bet from behind.

Hit - Hit to place another card on your current hand.

Stand - stand will end your interaction with the dealer and your hand will stick at the current hand laid on the table moving onto the next player on the table.

Double - Double can be offered on any hand even on hands that have already been split.

Split - If the dealer deals you two cards of the same value you will be offered the chance to split to create a new bet. This will split the cards and place the same initiating bet on the second newly created hand. Further cards are then dealt to the hand except if you are dealt split Ace's in which case only one extra card will be dealt on each hand.


Live Blackjack understands that the social aspect of the game should not be lost just because you are not sitting in a real casino, offering a simple player-to-player chat system. The 10 most recent messages are displayed on the screen after this all older messages fade out.


The Billboard is available to give you statistical information of previous game rounds.

Dealer Last 10 Hands

This shows you the last 10 hands of the dealer including the percentage of hands that were blackjack or bust.

Last Hand - All Players

This shows the eprcentage of players that had their hands pushed or won the previous game round.


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